If you want to truly understand a culture, listen to its stories.



Born on a night that must have been dark and stormy, I am now on the hunt for fantastic tales, wherever they might appear.

I've taught filmmaking to 6th grade students in North Carolina, built werewolf traps in Los Angeles, edited in Atlanta, backpacked across Spain (www.travelightfilm.com), and worked many an odd job along the way (there are stained-glass windows repaired by yours truly in random locales across the US).

I hold on to the (perhaps naive) belief that telling stories can change the world. Whether it's teaching kids empathy and teamwork through filmmaking, sharing truth through documentary, or spinning fairy tales for fun (that often hold more truth than any of us realize)... I want to be a part of the exchange. 

I currently reside in southern Connecticut, where I write for children's TV, for hire, and for future personal projects.

(But mostly because I can't live without storytelling.)